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About Me

My name is Matthew Tavares and I am a multidisciplinary roboticist and mechatronics specialist. I started building robots at the age of nine, won BattleBots IQ and a position at Hanson Robotics before reaching eighteen, and founded the UTDallas combat robotics group that continues to compete to this day. For 7 years I developed ocean bottom seismic recorders and geophysical equipment that had to stand up to the harshest conditions on earth. I spent 3 years working with Paul Bernhard Exhibits on the Wiess Energy Hall at the Houston Museum of Science. Matt is currently working on several world class exhibits and interactives with the talented team at rootlab. My current goals include spending time with my wife and baby girl and working on interesting projects with talented people. I have a passion for all things creative and I am ready to help you with your next project! Connect with me via social media, view my past work , or contact me now if you're ready to get started!


3D Printed Prototyping

In-house parts printing in a variety of rigid plastics and flexible elastomers.


Get the word out with a product webpage, renderings, or documentation.

Design Reliability

Battle-hardened design experience for products that live long and prosper.

Mobile Worker

When time is of the essence, I can travel and work in remote locations with little notice.

Let's Get In Touch

Freelancer Services

Send me an elevator pitch, describe your problem, or ask me to sign a non-disclosure agreement. I can advise you immediatley about feasability and create a project proposal.

Job Inquiries

I have just finished a long term project and am very interested in hearing about new opportunities. I have immediate availability to work full or part time on your projects!

Anything Else

Request information about my past work, ask me to come speak in a classroom, or anything else. I typically jump at any opportunity to share my passion of science and technology with others.